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Ask not for whom the road tolls. It tolls for thee.
—Dan Piraro
(Creator of

When life kicks you in the tush, best just to stop and soak it.
—Berke Breathed
(Creator of
Bloom County)

The world bores you when you’re cool.
—Bill Watterson
(Creator of
Calvin and Hobbes)

My brain is like a radio that’s stuck on the food station.
—Cathy Guisewite
(Creator of

By definition, people with bad ideas cannot be swayed by logic.
—Scott Adams
(Creator of

California is a dream that’s always just out of reach!
—G.B. Trudeau
(Creator of

Good swiping is an art in itself.
—Jules Feiffer
(Creator of

I’m not just buying a car – I’m buying a lifestyle!
—Lynn Johnston
(Creator of
For Better or For Worse)

The early cat gets the jelly-filled doughnut.
—Jim Davis
(Creator of

Happiness is a warm puppy.
—Charles M. Schulz
(Creator of

I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.
—Walt Kelly
(Creator of

Great Moments in Science: Einstein discovers that time is actually money.
—Gary Larson
(Creator of
The Far Side)



Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs. —Ansel Adams

I really believe there are things nobody would see
if I didn’t photograph them.
—Diane Arbus

All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth. —Richard Avedon

I photograph anything that light falls on. —Imogen Cunningham

In a photograph a person’s eyes tell much, sometimes they tell all.
—Alfred Eisenstaedt

Ultimately, I prefer the nude. It’s cleaner in shape and line. —Marco Glaviano

Photography is a bridge between science and art. —Ernst Haas

A photograph is an opportunity to represent a state of mind. —David LaChapelle

The camera is an instrument that teaches people
how to see without a camera.
—Dorothea Lange

There is more to know and more to see in a color photograph.
—Joel Meyerowitz

Photography is the folk art of the twentieth century. —Lorraine Monk

For me, a photo must be constructed, worked to perfection. —Thierry Mugler

My interest is in recording active history being made. —Carl Mydans

It’s a fact: what better portrait than an extreme close-up? —Helmut Newton

Photography was the first virtual reality, a visionary slice of real life.
—Glenn O’Brien

A camera, by arresting motion,
gives permanence to the impermanent.
—Freeman Patterson

I am a photographer of people because people are all I care about.
—Francesco Scavullo

It’s no good saying “Hold it” to a moment of real life. —Lord Snowdon

Magazine photography is the mural painting of modern times. —Gene Thornton

Photography suits the temper of this age –
of active bodies and minds.
—Edward Weston

The camera has become my passport to unfamiliar ground. —Art Wolfe



Music for me is something I use to put down my thoughts – like paint. —David Bowie

I see a song as the ashes of existence. —Leonard Cohen

Performing is exciting and intense, but it has a short afterlife. —Neil Diamond

My mind weaves a symphony and tapestry of rhyme. —Bob Dylan

There are hundreds of ways to sing one sound. Vocals can be instruments. —Enya

What I’m trying to do is reduce words and images and sounds down to the bone. —Bryan Ferry

Music’s power comes from the fact that it plugs directly into the soul. —Peter Gabriel

I love writing. Ultimately, I’m in love with my pen. —Jewel

Like honey from a poisoned cup, I flowed from stage to stage. —Annie Lennox

Pop music – the classical music of today. —Paul McCartney

The writing process is fantastic psychotherapy – if you can survive. —Joni Mitchell

Performing gives me a mask, a place to hide myself where I can reveal myself. —Jim Morrison

I’ve always felt that a lot of my songs deal with spying on myself. —Carly Simon

Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts. —Paul Simon

My personal life is in my songs, in an archetypal form, of course. —Sting



We’d have better films if directors controlled them completely.
—Woody Allen

My films are not the way I think things should be, but the way things are.
—Robert Altman

After I got established in films, it sometimes seemed
I had very little interest in making a movie until I was romantically motivated.
—Warren Beatty

Movies are the repository of myth.
—John Boorman

The closer you get to the bull’s-eye of how life is, the better.
—Albert Brooks

As a director you get to create a world with its own special logic.
You get to play God. It’s like the view from Olympus.
—Tim Burton

Using computers is a fundamentally new way to make a picture.
—James Cameron

The way to make a film is to begin with an earthquake and work up to a climax.
—Cecil B. de Mille

Every day that I’m directing I’m trying to synthesize all of the arts –
writing, photography, performance, music, painting, everything.
—William Friedkin

Film is truth, 24 times a second.
—Jean-Luc Godard

The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them.
—Alfred Hitchcock

I’ve always felt my films should be well-finished, handsome – yes, well made.
—James Ivory

I’m so in love with filmmaking that it’s all a high to me.
—Norman Jewison

The most memorable scenes in the best films
are those which are built predominantly of images and music.
—Stanley Kubrick

For a director,
each work he completes is like a whole lifetime.
—Akira Kurosawa

Perhaps I have become a “big film” man.
—David Lean

I am not a director of action; I’m a director of gestures and silences.
And an orator of images.
—Sergio Leone

I can’t, in words, say what I say in film.
—David Lynch

Any good movie is filled with secrets.
—Mike Nichols

Cinema is a matter of what is in the frame and what is out.
—Martin Scorsese

Creating a world on film gives me more to do than just say “action” and “cut”.
—Ridley Scott

I don’t make movies that bring people together.
I make movies that split people apart.
—Quentin Tarantino

This studio is the biggest toy-train set any boy ever had.
—Orson Welles

The best director is the one you don’t see.
—Billy Wilder


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