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About the Product
BioQuotes Overview

A Brief History

Symbiotic Software Inc. is pleased to announce the Mac release of
BioQuotes 5.0.
It offers the convenience of easy desktop access without the hassle of searching the Net.
It is the ideal electronic reference if you want to add an extra spark to your paper,
article, speech or presentation.

For most of the 1990s,
Quotable Quotes (as it was called then) was made available
to the Mac community as shareware.
QQ 3.0 appeared in This Month on ZiffNet/Mac
in MacUser magazine (3/93).
QQ 7.0 was rated 4 mice in MacWorld’s software library,
and it was described as “…kind of like a digital Bartlett’s” in their AOL forum.
Customer feedback included: “…great focus, comprehensive substance, ease of use,
and exceptional style.” —S. Detering, Oregon

Quotable Quotes II took my product to the next level and was available for purchase
through the Internet.
QQ II had many changes, new features, and 2,000 added quotes.
QQ II appeared in your family [Education News] by Anne Marie Feld in MacHome (6/99).
In a CCPlace product review (, the reviewer had this to say:
“If you have ever wanted to place a little quote at the bottom of your report, message,
email, etc., this is a program for you. …definitely a valuable program to have…”
It was rated 7/10.

The new century brought another version of my reference software. I called it
to reflect that it deals with Life and the lives we lead, as viewed by notable people.
A significant change was that I no longer used HyperCard as my development platform;
I used Revolution ( I was finally able to add color! Consequently,
the product has nine redesigned, full-color backgrounds to please the eye.
1,250 new authors and 3,000 new quotations were added.

BioQuotes 4.0.3 was featured in Mac|Life (9/07) as a Shareware Pick. It said:
“Sometimes a good quotation is all you need to lead off a proposal or presentation.”
Leslie Ayers, Editor-in-Chief of Mac|Life, also talked favorably about the product
in her
Mac|Live Podcast, saying, “You get addicted to browsing through all the quotes.”
It was granted the “EXCELLENT” software certificate from (1/09),
as it “exceeds the quality standards of many other software products in its category.”

BioQuotes 4.2 has 2,000 additional quotes and includes 600 new authors.

BioQuotes 5.0 has 650 new quotes. Extensive editing resulted in 100 less authors.
Also, the much improved collection is available totally
Free of Charge!

“Quotations are a distillation of wit and thought
imposed by the brevity of the form.”
—James Charlton


Product Description

BioQuotes contains 14,650 hand-picked, “quotable” quotes, chosen for their brevity
and their accessibility. They were selected from over 50
Quotation Books, various magazines,
and books from my library. The Net has also contributed to version 4.x. The quotes include
the wisest and wittiest words ever said by a man or a woman during recorded history.
All the most
Popular Authors can be found, as well as many authors not quoted
in other collections you may have seen.

I quote everyone
from Socrates to Sting, Cleopatra to Cher!

Due to personal preferences, these types of quotations were excluded:

> Quotes by “Anon.” or “Source unknown” and quotes “Attributed to” someone
> Quotes from sources with more than one author
> Quotes by Mrs. (husband’s name)
> Lines by fictional characters in books, TV shows, and movies
> Lengthy literary excerpts
> Bumper stickers, Graffiti, Headlines, Old sayings, Titles, Zen parables
> Proverbs from around the world
> Quotes from The Bible and quotes in Ye Olde English
> Quotes using excessively foul language

I tried to include as many quotes by women as I could. Of the 5500 authors quotated,
1850 are women. That’s a total of 34%. (One familiar collection is so male oriented
it only has 7.5% female authors.)

For more statistics and complete info on the structure, see
Stats & Details.

To learn all about how to interact with the software, see

BioQuotes is a valuable resource for students, educators, speakers and professionals.
It can be interesting, amusing, and even inspiring for the casual browser.

“As a passionate quote compiler, it is my hope
that fellow quotation lovers will appreciate
both the quality and diversity of the collection,
and the aesthetically-pleasing design.”
—Robin Seer


BioQuotes Features

• 14,650 individually presented quotations
• 175 famous, or “classic”, sayings
• Index of 5,500 authors
• Quotes by 34% Female authors
• Biographical data on 816 key authors
• Nine colorful backgrounds
• Navigation Palette
• Custom Menus for full access
• Topic access from Part Title Cards
• Find feature to search for word or phrase
• Hypertext capabilities within text
• Random browsing
• Ability to copy quotation to clipboard
• Mark/Restore Place feature
• Extensive online Help
• Other features


System Requirements

Macintosh® Platform:

Mac OS X 10.5 or greater (Intel only)
7.4M hard disk space

Software created with LiveCODE by RunRev Ltd.